I’ve finally started blogging…

I’m a starter.  I love starting new projects and tackling new challenges.  Yet instead of jumping to action, I’ve been talking about starting this blog for awhile.  For some reason it seemed like a very daunting task.  I could always come up with another to-do item that needed to get done first.  I finally buckled down and said to myself- just do it.  (might have helped that my project at work just had the life support plug pulled leaving me with a few more hours a day to think.

Time to share some basic info…

Q: Why am I starting this blog?

A: I talk a lot.  I think I have interesting things to say.  I hope to translate that to text.  I have spent the last 10 years of my life focused on pursuing an career in engineering, encouraging others to pursue careers in engineering, and enabling and helping other people to continue advancing in engineering.  There are not many sites and resources that give you the insight of what women in engineering see on a day to day basis.  What they encounter…how they react….the thoughts that go through their head.  My attempt is to share that here.

Q: So this blog will be all about your life as engineer?  sounds like it would get boring…

A: I admit that my life may not be as fascinating as others, but I am pretty sure it is more interesting than alot of the guys I work with on a daily basis.   I plan on incorporating learnings from my outreach, networking, and professional development activities.  My goal is to bring resources and links to my readers in addition to my insights.


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