Best People Watching of all Time

This week is one of those technology-lovers dreams.  It is CES in Las Vegas- the consumer electronics show (  It is the THE place to be if you great technologies.  Every company you’ve heard of and lots that you haven’t are there showcasing their products and highlight new product launches, new partnerships, and cool things coming down the pipe. 

The city is flooded with geeky tech guys, geeky marketing guys from the tech companies, geeky CEOs and CTOs, and a handful of athletes and stars there to help excite people on the products.  For example Intel used soccer superstar Mia Hamm to demonstrate how their Intel Turbo Boost feature works.  Essentially Mia got on a rowing exercise machine and showed how when her speed increased, her heart beat went up- mirroring the Turbo Boost technology that dynamically raises the frequency of a processor with increased workload.  I guess it got the point across- sort of a hokey way to do it in my opinion.

So here is where the real people watching comes in….

The same week as CES, Las Vegas hosts another huge convention- The AVN Adult Film and Video Awards show and the Adult Video Expo.  This is THE awards show and expo for all adult film stars.  They take over the Palms showcasing up and coming stars, up and coming films, and lots of products.

So now imagine being in Vegas this week and weekend.  You’re hanging out watching the flow of people and everyone is pretty much either a geek involved in CES and there for the latest and greatest technologies or a porn star there for the biggest awards and expo of their industry.  It must be facsinating.

Worried that you didn’t make it this year to watch?  Don’t worry, the two expos happen the same week every year!  It’s not a coincedence.


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  1. Posted by Deb on January 21, 2010 at 7:47 am

    Hah!! I happened to be in Vegas this particular weekend and that was our running joke – CES + AVN. Of course it was obvious that the 2 events were well-timed as that entire town was men that weekend. And the women we did see were definitely not engineers…


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