Retaining Your Individuality in the Corporate Hairball

I am traveling to New York today and doing some reading catch up on the plane.  I am part way through a great book called “Orbiting the Giant Hairball- A Corporate Fool’s Guide to Surviving with Grace”, by Gordon MacKenzie.  It is fantastic!  (and a fun, fast read)

The books is really tips and insight into keeping your creativity and individuality and not getting sucked into the bureacratic norm that is most companies.  It focuses on how you can be happy and productive and creative by orbiting around the bureaucratic hairball, instead of being stagnant stuck in the middle of it.

I highly suggest it to anyone who works in a big company!  (warning, it took me awhile to get it.  I ordered it off of Amazon in December and got it about 6 weeks later)

Here is a quote out of the book, that is my inspiration for this Monday Morning.

When you come into an organization, you bring with you an arcane potency, which stems, in part, from your uniqueness.  That, in turn, is rooted in a complex mosaic of personal history that is original, unfathomable, inimitable.  There has never been anyone quite like you, and there never will be.  Consequently, you can contribute something to an endeavor nobody else can.  There is power in your uniqueness- an inexplicable, unmeasurable power…

Bug if you are hypnotized by an organizations culture, you become separated from your personal magic and cannot tap it to help achieve the goals of the organization.  In losing connection with your one-of-a-kind magic, you are reduced to nothing more than part of the headcount.  Deep inside the Hairball.

So whenever you feel your head being pushed down onto an organization’s chalk line, remember the challenege is to move out of the way, to choose not to be mesmerized by the culture of your company.  Instead, find the goals of the organization that touch your heard and release your passion to follow those goals.

It is a delicate balance, resisting the hypnotic spell of an organization’s culture and, at the same time, remaining committed from the heart to the personally relevant goals for the organization.  But if you can achieve that balance and maintain it, you will be out of the Hairball and into the Orbit, the only place where you can tap your one-of-a-kind magic, your genius, your limitless creativity.

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