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Be Comfortable Being Known

A good friend and someone I mentor stopped by yesterday to say hi.  She was excited to tell me that her organization had recently re-org’d and she was put on a new team putting her higher up in the management chain.

As soon as she delivered the news, she immediately said, “but I’m really nervous.”

Why?  Because the director of the new team had met with her and told her that he had been following some of the great engineering work she had been doing and he was very excited to have her as part of his team.  She was worried that she wouldn’t live up to his expectations.

I know how she feels.  In the women engineering community, we’ve knick named this, the imposter syndrome.  It’s that feeling that others believe you are better and more capable than you believe you are.  That worry that as you rise up the ranks and gain responsibility, you’ll be found out.

It’s just your mind playing tricks.  Most of us have worked extra hard to succeed where we are the minority.  We’ve chosen this path because we are driven and are our own harshest critics.  It makes us very successful (but also self-doubters).

I told her she really is that good.  She’ll be infinitely more successful than her peers because she’s known and is continuing to work hard to succeed.  Be comfortable in having those higher-ups recognize your good work!

Just be careful not to burn out in striving for success….

Back from Hiatus…and some thoughts on Excuses

After much too log, I’m jumping back on the blogging band wagon.

Why the long lag?  I can offer a whole host of excuses…I moved, my job got busy,  my travel picked up, I had to help my great aunt…

The truth is, it’s a long list of excuses that boils down to me prioritizing other things over this blog.  As soon as I stopped, it stopped being a habit, and I let up on the discipline.  I told myself it was ok if I didn’t get a post out today, I’d do it tomorrow…and tomorrow…and next week.

After a month of not posting, the guilt really set in.  And it seemed monumental to start again- I had let down my regular readers…my next post better be a really good one…all those “should have’s” flooded my mind.

I never thought of blogging as being like a diet or exercise, but it’s actually pretty similar.  If you are used to doing it and do so on a regular basis, it’s easy to keep up.  As soon as you stop for any prolonged amount of time, you need sheer will power…or a boost from someone else to start again.

My boost?  Those of you who kept asking when I’d get my next post up, and being asked to lead a session at a conference tomorrow on Blogging Do’s and Don’ts.