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SWE’s 60th Anniversary

It is amazing to think that SWE (the Society of Women Engineers) has been around for 60 years…and also amazing to think it is still needed after being around for 60 years.

Having been a leader in the Society for over 10 years now, I certainly appreciate the amount of work it takes to “move the needle”.  I think that while there have been amazing strides made in the progress of women in engineering careers, we are no where near the founders thought we’d be after 60 years.

Encouraging youth pursue engineering engineering and “STEM” (Science Technology Engineering and Math, as it has been dubbed by politicians) is just as important now as it was then.  In fact the number of women in engineering has pretty much remained steady for the mast 30 years…there is still much SWE work left to change that.

In honor of the anniversary, I am sharing a tribute to SWE from President Obama.

A SWE Tribute from Obama