About the Engineering Gal

me in FM3 lab2Let’s start with a few basics…

Name: Allison Goodman

Location: Sacramento, CA

 Education: BS in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Cornell University

My Day Job

I spend the majority of my day at Intel as a validation program manager for group that makes solid state hard drives and solid state memory solutions.  I lead a team responsible for taking prototypes and testing every aspect of them, logging failures.  We work closely with design teams to fix the failures and retest.  I develop and execute to a set schedule, but it usually ends up being an endless cycle until the marketing team screams that time is up and we have to ship a product.   Then we focus on helping resolve any issues the customers uncover.

Activities outside that Day Job

I keep myself pretty busy with advocacy and non-profit activities.  My passion for engineering outreach started as a freshman in college.  I just love talking to kids about engineering and science.  I love to give them the gift of knowing how something works.  I’ve done quite a bit of outreach in the Society of Women Engineers (SWE).  Through SWE I’ve learned that I also love connecting and enabling others.  So I organize many professional development and networking events for technical/engineering women in the Sacramento area.  I’ve been a leader in SWE for years now and this year am the Lt. Governor for Region A (Northern California & Nevada).

In addition to SWE I’ve been on the board of a local non-profit, Sacramento Advocates for Girls Empowerment (SAGE) for several years.  We are working on building a database of professional women speakers and mentors as a resource for teachers and other non-profits in the area.

Intel is very supportive of volunteer work so I’ve been able to talk to many classrooms as part of National Engineers Week, Junior Achievement, PC Pals, and more.  I’m also the chair of the Women at Intel Network which is an internal group focused on networking and outreach.

At Home

I live in downtown Sacramento with my husband, a fellow Cornellian and entrepreneur, Brett Owens, and my weimaraner, Banjo.

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