Thinking about Engineering?

This page has posts, resources, and events specifically geared towards those students who are thinking about going to college and pursuing a degree and career in engineering.


  • www.engineeringyourlife.orgAwesome resource with info about how to get an engineering degree, bios about cool women engineers, finding your dream job, and the different types of engineering.  Geared towards high school.
  • videos about what engineers do, games, and projects to do.  Geared towards middle school & high school ages.
  •– Find scholarships, events, and meet interesting women engineers.  Geared at all students.
  • engineering- Go For It– Fun and interactive website for exploring types of engineering, how to get a career in engineering, and bios from lots of engineering college students.  Geared at high school students.
  •– Explore engineering careers, fun facts, other links, and what you need to do in high school to prepare for engineering school.  Geared towards middle school.
  •– Sponsored by Girls Scouts, this site has information about what you careers are out their in the technology field and some fun games to play.  Geared towards elementary & middle school ages.


  • Dare 2 Be Digital- Designed to open the eyes of Young Women (7th grade to 10th grade) to the pervasiveness of computing technologies in their everyday lives and to the wide spectrum of exciting and creative careers that leverage an education in Computer Science or Electrical Engineering.  In SF Bay area.
  • More events to come…

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